Micro Cold Atom Components and Systems


We are partners in the UK Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology / Timing with a core aim of reducing the size, weight, power and cost of the lasers and photonic components for cold atom systems. In particular we have demonstrated DFB lasers at 780.24 nm wavelength with over 60 mW output power and 612 kHz linewidth. We have also developed silicon nitride waveguides for integrated photonics at 780 nm with losses below 0.2 dB/cm and demonstrated integrated DFB lasers on the same chip. Microrings with a Q > 1.4M have been demonstrated at 780 nm wavelength. We have also demonstrated MEMS vacuum cells with Rb vapour for locking the lasers to the 87Rb D2 atomic transition. Our ultimate aim is to produce all the required photonic components for cold atom systems on a chip to provide significant miniaturisation from the present technology.

780 nm DFB Laser

Silicon nitride microring at 780 nm

MEMS rubidium cell

DFB laser
Si3N4 MIcrorings
MEMS Rb cell

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