Sustainable Energy Lectures

Below are recordings of lectures given by Professor Douglas J Paul on Energy Conversion Systems: Sustainable Energy. The course was first given in 2010 to students from Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Earth Science, Computer Science and Mathematics. It allow students to quantify energy generated and used as well as providing the majority of tools required to calculate carbon emissions whilst defining many of the internationally agreed definitions around sustainable and renewable energy. A significant amount of data is presented from official sources demonstrating the issues behind climate change and the demonstrating which energy sources are the largest carbon emitters across the UK and the world.
The course has been extremely popular with students in Glasgow who always have strong engagement with the topic. In 2021 there were 193 students taking the course. With COP-26 being in Glasgow and a large number of colleagues ask for copies of the lectures I have put the recordings of the lectures from January and February 2021 below.

Lecture 1: Background, Energy Statistics and Calculating Carbon Emissions

Lecture 2: Energy System Thermodynamics

Lecture 3: Thermal Electricity Generation and Combined Heat and Power

Lecture 4: Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Energy Generation

Lecture 5: Hydroelectric and Wind Generation

Lecture 6: Energy Harvesting - Thermoelectrics and Vibrational

Lecture 7: Economic and Costing Energy, Carbon Subsidies, Taxes and Trading