PHYLObar was developed by Umer Zeeshan Ijaz in the following hackathon:

Event Title: WG2 hackathon: Extracting strain level variation from shotgun metagenome data
Location: Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Dates: from 07-11-2014 to 11-11-2014

This work was sponsored by European Union's Earth System Science and Environmental Management ES1103 COST Action ("Microbial ecology & the earth system: collaborating for insight and success with the new generation of sequencing tools").
Source code: []
Download and unzip the source code, place the tree in newick format as table.nwk. The newick tree for the working example is:


You also need to provide an annotation file as table.csv.The annotation file for the working example is:


and then click on PHYLObar.html to load the tree up in your browser.


- written in D3 and provides a mean to visualise a newick tree on an html page
- trees are collapsable (click on the nodes in the example given below)
- nodes also show distances in parenthesis
- any nodes can be annotated with stackedbars by providing an annotation file with a comma-separated list of quantitative measures
- legends are shown on top left
- currently there is support for only 21 quantitative measures
- unit of a quantitative measure is pixels, so you may want to scale the values in annotation file if they become huge
- current view can be exported as a png image by clicking on "Create Snapshot (PNG)" button below the tree
- to increase the size of the canvas, edit var diameter = 1600; and <canvas width="1600" height="1600" style="display:none"></canvas> in PHYLObar.html

Working example