My expertise:

  • Micromechanics of granular materials and the discrete element modelling
  • Micromechanics-based constitutive modelling of granular materials
  • Experimental investigation of the behaviour of fibre-reinforced sand
  • Numerical analysis of geotechnical problems with advanced constitutive models
  • Flexible barriers (catch fences) for rockfall and debris flow
  • Remote sensoring for infrastructure

Projects I am interested in:

Here are a list of projects I am interested in:

  1. Development of optimum design for catch fence systems (See project description here)
  2. Demystifying the behaviour of granular media by a micromechanics-based plasticity model (See project description here)
  3. Constitutive modelling of the time effects on mechanical behaviour of sand (See project description here)
  4. 3D printable granular materials (See project description here)
  5. Soil reinforcement using flexible fibres (See project description here)
  6. Combined finite and distinct element method for modelling behaviour of granular materials (See project description here)
  7. Exploring the use of energy foundations in concrete bridge deck deicing (See project description here)
  8. Thermo-mechanical analysis of soil deformation due to temperature change (See project description here)

Our School Scholarship is now open for application, if you are interested in these projects or have your own projects in mind, please feel free to contact me. I will guide you through the scholarship application.

Scholarships available can be found in the following websites: