Mechanical Engineering

Dr Philip Harrison BSc(Hons) PhD CEng MIMechE


The Faculty of Engineering offers a number of James Watt Research Scholarships to support PhD studies in the Engineering Graduate School at the University of Glasgow. These prestigious scholarships will be available, on a limited basis, to highly qualified applicants of any nationality who hold a first class honours degree, or equivalent, in a relevant subject. I am happy to support applications for these scholarships and subsequently supervise your PhD investigation.

The University of Glasgow also takes part in the Overseas Research Student Award Scheme (ORSAS) which helps outstanding research students from outside the United Kingdom and European Community to study in the UK by providing for some of the costs of training and supervision. If you already have limited funding, please get in touch and I will be happy to support your application for an ORSAS supplemental award and supervise your PhD investigation within the Materials Group at Glasgow University.


Funding in support of research is gratefully acknowledged.

Research Awards

  1. EPSRC, ‘Microstructure-Based Multi-Physics Characterisation and Modelling of Magneto-rheological Elastomers’, Ref: EP/H016619/3, PI, £41,154, 2012
  2. Royal Society, 'Preliminary research on multi-physics characterisation and modelling of Magneto
    nano-particle reinforced Shape Memory Polymers (MSMP)', CI, £14,796, March, 2011
  3. Glasgow University Industry Day Competition with BAe Systems, PI, 'Manufacture and Modelling of Self Healing Foams', £10,000, March, 2011
  4. Glasgow Innovation First Step Award, 'John Barr Architects', PI, £5000, February, 2011
  5. Royal Academy of Engineering Global Research Award, 'Forming of tailored thermoplastic composites', PI, £40,000, January, 2011
  6. Glasgow Innovation First Step Award, 'Compact Armour Technologies Ltd.', PI, £5000, July, 2010
  7. John Robertson Bequest, 'Development and synthesis of X-Aerogels for use in ballistic trauma packs',  PI, £1400, March, 2009
  8. Doctoral Training Award PhD scholarship, 'Microstructural modelling of porous materials', PI, £80,000, May, 2009
  9. Glasgow Research Partnership in Engineering funded PhD scholarship, 'Characterisation, Modelling and Application of Magnetorheological Elastomers', PI, £80,000 June, 2008
  10. EPSRC, Design Optimisation of Textile Composite Structures (DotComp), ref. GR/S67104/01, Uni of Nottingham, £224,000, co-author, 2003 (PI Prof A Long)

Travel Grants

  1. Scottish Association of Metals, £1500, March, 2012
  2. The Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers, £600, May, 2011
  3. Scottish Association of Metals, £660, April, 2011
  4. Royal Academy of Engineering, £600, Feb, 2011
  5. Royal Academy of Engineering, £800, Nov, 2010
  6. Seoul National University, honararium, £1400, July, 2010
  7. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, honararium, £580, April, 2010
  8. NATO, £300, Jun, 2009
  9. Scottish Association of Metals, £300, June, 2009
  10. INEGI, honararium, £250, Jan, 2009
  11. IMechE, £400, May, 2008
  12. Scottish Association of Metals, £250, May, 2008
  13. Royal Academy, £700, May, 2007
  14. Scottish Association of Metals, £250, May, 2007
  15. IOM3 Carnegie Grant, £250, May, 2007
  16. Royal Society, £680, Feb, 2007
  17. IOM3 Carnegie Grant, £250, Jun, 2006
  18. Scottish Association of Metals, £350, Feb, 2006
  19. Seoul Natinal University, honararium, £900, April, 2004

Industrial funding

  1. Don & Low Ltd., £800, April 2006 (in support of student projects)