Geotechnical Glossary: Bulk Density

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Peter Smart

Preliminary Draft: 2007.03.09:
Some sources not yet in hand.

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Basic Definitions

The correct definitions
Scope = soil mechanics
Symbol [M, L, T] Name Definition
[1,-3, 0]
bulk density total mass divided by total volume.
[1,-3, 0]
dry density mass of solids divided by total volume.
bulk unit weight total weight divided by total volume.
dry unit weight weight of solids divided by total volume.

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The basic terms are:

Hence, ‘bulk density’ is the collective mass in a unit of volume, which is the same as ‘total mass divided by total volume’.

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Principal sources

In considering the older sources, remember that ‘weight’ was a measure of quantity in those days.

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Additional sources

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Incorrect definitions

Instead of using ‘dry density’, the sources listed below defined ‘mass of solids divided by total volume’ as ‘bulk density’.

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Still under consideration.

“ratio of the mass of a quantity of material (or one phase) and the total volume occupied by this material (including other phases)” (26: ISO 11074: Section 3.1.1: 2005). On this basis, we seem to need: ‘bulk density of soil in its natural state’ for ‘bulk density’; and ‘bulk density of soil particles’ for ‘dry density’: also, we seem to be able to have ‘bulk density of selenium’ for ‘mass of selenium per unit volume’.

SSEW (23: 1974, p.91) used the term ‘moist bulk density’.

Etude Geotechnique (27: 1983, p.124) used the terms ‘le poids volumique du sol humide’ and ‘le poids volumique du sol sec’; but ISSMFE used ‘masse volumique’ and ‘masse volumique du sol sec’ (2: ISSMFE, 1981, pp.13 & 35).

density of the soil: “ratio of the weight of soil to the corresponding volume” (28: Bowles, 1977, p.11).

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(C) Peter Smart.