Dr N P Johnson

Telephone No: (Office) 0141 330 4110 / (Lab) 0141 330 0167/0268/0933

Room No. 4.70

Personal Biography:

Nigel P Johnson graduated from Manchester University in the UK with Degrees of BSc in Joint Honours in Physics and Chemistry 1980, MSc Chemistry 1982 and gained a PhD from the University of Strathclyde in 1986 and a permanent position at the University of Glasgow in the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering now as senior research fellow. He previously worked on kinetics, semiconductor growth, spectroscopic defect characterisation and has worked on opal photonic structures since 1996. Work includes the synthesis and measurements of both opal and inverse opal structures including large area defect free self-assembly. The group has worked on Metamaterials since 2005 and demonstrated the magnetic response of split ring resonators (SRRs) at visible frequencies and the use of asymmetric split ring resonators as organic sensor elements in the infra red region. Dr Johnson is a Fellow of IoP, member of SPIE and a senior member of IEEE. He leads the Glasgow team in the Metamorphose (MetaMaterials organized for radio, millimeter wave, and photonic superlattice engineering) a virtual institute of more than 23 European institutions. He is also UK delegate and member of the management committee for COST Action MP0702 Towards Functional Sub-Wavelength Photonic Structures. The latter two organisations arrange international schools, and conferences on metamaterials and nanophotonics.