MSP430 Microcontroller Basics

This page provides links to supporting documents for the book MSP430 Microcontroller Basics by John H. Davies: It is roughly a mirror of the official Companion Web Site. The publishing information for the book is:

Code files for examples in book

Please download the zipped archive, which contains the code files used for all the example programs in the book. The files were read into the main text when the book was produced. Their contents should therefore match the book exactly, unless something terrible has gone wrong! Further details are given in jhdcode.pdf, which also explains how to solve any problems that might arise when you use the files on your computer.

Changes to names of bit files in IAR header files

IAR have changed the names of the bitfields for the registers associated with input/output ports in version 5.40 of EW430, including the Kickstart version. this means that most of the code examples are now inconsistent with the header files and will not compile. Please see msperrata.pdf for details.

Solutions to examples

Solutions to odd-numbered examples are available in jhdoddans.pdf and the corresponding programs are zipped in Solutions to the remaining examples are available on the instructors-only web page.

Links to web sites for information on hardware and development software

Texas Instruments

You will need to download data sheets and family user’s guides for the MSP430 devices that you use. This is essential because I deliberately avoided quoting material from these documents in the book, except in a few introductory cases. The home page for Texas Instruments Incorporated is at and a shortcut takes you to the main page for the MSP430. This page contains links to general information including the product brochure and technical documents. There are several links for support and training, including a section on Getting Started. Further pages provide:


I used the development environment from IAR Systems for all the examples in the book. The home page for the company is at and IAR Embedded Workbench for TI MSP430 (EW430) can be found at The free KickStart edition of EW430 can be downloaded from this page or from the TI web site.

Suggestions for home-made demonstration boards

Take a look through demoboards.pdf if you are thinking of building your own demonstration board. I describe two small boards that I built on stripboard for the F20xx devices, which are available in plastic dual-in-line packages. One is very simple indeed, with only pushbuttons and LEDs. The second illustrates the full range of analog inputs provided by these devices including Comparator_A, ADC10 and SD16_A.

Problems and suggestions

A book on microcontrollers is inevitably out of date as soon as it leaves its author’s hands (or keyboard) because the products advance so rapidly. This book is no exception because Texas Instruments released the MSP430F5xx family and a new version of Code Composer Essentials while the book was in production. It is also hopeless to expect that there are no mistakes in a book of this size so please send me a note if you spot an error. The current list of errata can be downloaded as msperrata.pdf. Several issues have come to light with the code for listing 9.13, dacdma2.c, on page 489, so please download the revised program dacdma2a.c.

I’d also be delighted to receive your comments on the book, particularly suggestions for how it might be improved if it is so lucky to require a second edition. Again, please send me a note.

John Davies