Publications of Professor Charlie. N. Ironside

Updated May 2014

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Prof. C. N. Ironside

124. “Stochastic induced dynamics in neuromorphic optoelectronic oscillators”, Bruno Romeira, Ricardo Avó, Julien Javaloyes, Salvador Balle, Charles N. Ironside, José M. L. Figueiredo, Optical and Quantum Electronics March 2014,

123.“Active polarisation control of a quantum cascade laser using tuneable birefringence in waveguides”, D. Dhirhe, T. J. Slight, B. M. Holmes, and C. N. Ironside, Optics Express, Vol. 21, Issue 20, pp. 24267-24280, 2013,

122. “Excitability and optical pulse generation in semiconductor lasers driven by resonant tunneling diode photo-detectors”, Bruno Romeira, Julien Javaloyes, Charles N. Ironside, José M. L. Figueiredo, Salvador Balle and Oreste Piro, Optics Express, Vol. 21, Issue 18, pp. 20931-20940 , 2013,

121. “Subpicosecond Colliding Pulse Mode Locking at 126 GHz in Monolithic GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Well Lasers: Experiments and Theory”  (Invited Paper),  G. Tandoi, J. Javaloyes, E. Avrutin, C. N. Ironside, and J. H. Marsh, IEEE J. of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, Vol. 19, No. 4, 1100608, 2013.

120. “Photo-Detectors Integrated with Resonant Tunneling Diodes” , Romeira, B., Pessoa, L.M., Salgado, H.M., Ironside, C.N. and  Figueiredo, J.M.L. Sensors, 13, 9464-9482. 2013.

119. “Wireless Interrogation of an Optically Modulated Resonant Tunnelling Diode Oscillator”, Cantu, H.I., Salgado, H., Romeira, B., Kelly, A.E., Ironside, C. N.  and  Figueiredo, J.M.L. Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 55 , 8, 1728-1730, 2013.

118.  “A surface-patterned chip as a strong source of ultra-cold atoms for quantum technologies”, C. C. Nshii, M. Vangeleyn, J. P. Cotter, P. F. Griffin, E. A. Hinds, C. N. Ironside, P. See, A. G. Sinclair, E. Riis and A. S. Arnold, Nature Nanotechnology  May 2013.
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117. “An Optical to Wireless Data Link Using Radio Frequency Backscatter”, H. I. Cantú, C. N. Ironside, A. E. Kelly, B. Romeira, and J. M. L. Figueiredo, IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, 23, 2, 102-104, Feb 2013.

116. “Modulation accuracy of binary phase-shift keying signal broadcast after injection locking of a resonant tunnelling diode microwave oscillator”, Horacio I. Cantu, Bruno Romeira, Jose M. L. Figueiredo, Anthony E. Kelly, and Charles N. Ironside, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 55, 4, 705-711, 2013.

115. “Delayed Feedback Dynamics of Liénard-type Resonant Tunneling-Photo-Detector Optoelectronic Oscillators”, B. Romeira, Julien Javaloyes, José Figueiredo, Charles N. Ironside, Horacio  Cantu, A.  Kelly; IEEE JOURNAL OF QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, VOL. 49, NO. 1, pp. 31-42, JANUARY 2013.

114. “Dynamics of Lienard Optoelectronic Oscillators”, Bruno Romeira, Jose ́ Figueiredo, Charles N. Ironside, and Julien Javaloyes, SELECTED TOPICS IN NONLINEAR DYNAMICS AND THEORETICAL ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Springer, Studies in Computational Intelligence, 2013, Volume 459/2013, 117-138,

113. “ Quantum cascade lasers with an integrated polarization mode converter”, D. Dhirhe, T. J. Slight, B. M. Holmes, D. C. Hutchings, and C. N. Ironside, Optics Express, 20, 23, pp. 25711-25717, 2012,

112. “Resonant Tunneling Diode Optoelectronic Circuits Applications in Radio-Over-Fiber Networks”, Cantu, H. I., Romeira, B., Kelly, A. E., Ironside, C. N., Figueiredo, J. M. L., IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 60, 9, 2903- 2912, Sept. 2012.

111. "A tunable single-mode double-ring quantum-cascade laser ", (Invited paper),  D Dhirhe, T J Slight, C C Nshii and C N Ironside  Semicond. Sci. Technol. 27, 094007, 2012.

110. "Integrated microspectrometer for fluorescence based analysis in a microfluidic format", Zhixiong Hu, Andrew Glidle, Charles N. Ironside, Marc Sorel, Michael J. Strain, Jon Cooper and Huabing Yin, Lab-on-a-chip,16, 2850-2857, 2012.

109. “Output Power Limitations and Improvements in Passively Mode Locked GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Well Lasers”, Tandoi, G., Ironside, C.N., Marsh, J.H. , Bryce, A.C, IEEE Journal of  Quantum Electronics, 48, 3    318-327, 2012,

108. “High frequency optoelectronic oscillators based on the optical feedback of semiconductor mode-locked laser diodes”, Mohsin Haji, Lianping Hou, Anthony E. Kelly, Jehan Akbar, John H. Marsh, John M. Arnold and Charles N. Ironside, Optics Express, Vol. 20, Issue 3, pp. 3268-3274 2012.

107. “Spectral Dynamical Behavior in Passively Mode-Locked Semiconductor Lasers”, Stolarz, P. M, Javaloyes, J. Mezosi, G., Hou, L, Ironside, C. N., Sorel, M., Bryce, A. C., Balle, S., IEEE Photonics Journal. 3,( 6),1067-1082 DEC 2011.

106. “A Self-Synchronized Optoelectronic Oscillator Based on an RTD Photodetector and a Laser Diode”, Romeira, B., Seunarine, K., Ironside, C. N., Kelly, A. E. and Figueiredo, J. M. L., IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 23, 16, 1148-1150,  2011,

105. “Electrical type conversion of p-type HgCdTe induced by nanoimprinting”, Martyniuk, M. and Sewell, R. H. and Westerhout, R. and Umana-Membreno, G. A. and Musca, C. A. and Dell, J. M. and Antoszewski, J. and Faraone, L. and Macintyre, D. S. and Thoms, S. and Ironside, C. N., JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 109 (9), 096102, 2011.

104. “Nonabsorbing Mirrors for Quantum-Well Colliding Pulse Mode-Locked Lasers”, Tandoi, G., Ironside, C. N. and Bryce, A. C., IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 23, 5, 293—295,2011.

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102. “DC characterization of tunnel diodes under stable non-oscillatory circuit conditions”, Wang, Liquan, Figueiredo, Jose M. L, Ironside, Charles N., Wasige, Edward. IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, 58, 343-347, 2011.

101. “A unidirectional quantum cascade ring laser”, C. C. Nshii, C. N. Ironside, M. Sorel, T. J. Slight, S. Y. Zhang, D. G. Revin, and J. W. Cockburn, Applied Physics Letters 97, 231107 2010.

100.  “Optical control of a resonant tunneling diode microwave-photonic oscillator”, Romeira, B., Figueiredo, J. M. L., Ironside, C. N., Kelly, A. E and Slight, T. J. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 22 (21), 1610 – 1612,  2010,

99. “Room-Temperature Operation of Discrete-Mode InGaAs–AlAsSb Quantum-Cascade Laser With Emission at 3.3microns” , Richard Phelan, Thomas James Slight, Brian Kelly, John O’Carroll, Andrew McKee, Dmitry G. Revin, Shiyong Y. Zhang, Andrey B. Krysa, Kenneth L. Kennedy, John W. Cockburn, Charlie N. Ironside,Wyn Meredith, and James O’Gorman, IEEE Photonics Technology letters, Vol. 22, NO. 17, 1273-1275, 2010,

98. “Resonant Tunnelling Optoelectronic Circuits”, Jose Figueiredo, Bruno Romeira, Thomas Slight and Charles Ironside in Advances in Optical and Photonic Devices Edited by Ki Young Kim, ISBN 978-953-7619-76-3, 352 pages,  date published: January 2010

97.  "Subpicosecond Pulse Generation at Quasi-40-GHz  using a Passively Mode-Locked AlGaInAs–InP 1.55μm Strained Quantum-Well Laser", Lianping Hou, Piotr Stolarz, J. Javaloyes, Richard P. Green, Charlie N. Ironside, Marc Sorel and A. Catrina Bryce. IEEE Photonics Technology letters Vol 21,  No 23, 1731-1733, 2009.

96. "Chaotic Dynamics in Resonant Tunneling Optoelectronic Voltage Controlled Oscillators", 
Romeira, B.,  Figueiredo, J. M. L., Ironside, C. N., Slight, T. J., IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol. 21, No. 24, 1819-1821, 2009,

95. "Nonlinear Dynamics of Resonant Tunneling Optoelectronic Circuits for Wireless/Optical Interfaces", Romeira, B, Figueiredo, J. M. L. Slight, T. J., Wang Liquan, Wasige Edward, Ironside C. N, Kelly Anthony, Green  Richard,  IEEE J. Quant. Electron., 45 (11), 1436-1445, 2009

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92. "Self-oscillation and period adding from resonant tunnelling diode-laser diode circuit"  Figueiredo, J.M.L.; Romeira, B.; Slight, T.J.; Wang, L.; Wasige, E.; Ironside, C.N. Electronics Letters 44 14  876-877 2008

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