The Computational Biomechanics Research Group at the University of Glasgow is a part of Glasgow Computational Engineering Centre (GCEC) and is led by Dr. Ankush Aggarwal.

Our aim is to generate new scientific knowledge and methods using innovative ideas in numerical methods and biomechanics that contribute towards improved cardiovascular healthcare. Our work can be divided into four categories: cardiovascular modeling, cell mechanics, image-based mechanics, and advanced numerics. Scroll down for more information on these topics.


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Aortic valves

We have developed shell-based models for aortic valves with patient- and population-based fiber architecture.

Cardiac tissue

We have developed reaction-diffusion models for cardiac tissue with higher accuracy and faster convergence.

Aortic vessels

We have quantified the calcification present in aortic vessels from CT images and developed models for the effect of wall elasticity on haemodynamics.

Cell motility

To understand how cells move, we have complemented experiments with simplified stochastic models.

Cell proliferation and calcification

To understand how cells proliferate and calcify under different biochemical and micromechanical environment, we have combined in-vitro experiments with in-silico models.

Spline-based strain estimation

To estimate the functional and residual strains in semilunar heart valves, we have developed and used a spline-based technique

Strain estimation from image registration

We have developed methods to estimate strains in cardiovascular tissues directly from image registrations.

Parameter estimation and inverse models

We have developed new methods for biomechanical parameter estimation of cardiovascular tissues.

Nonlinear solvers

We have developed novel solvers for nonlinear equations with significantly faster convergence and wider domain of convergence.

Statistical framework

We are combining the statistical framework-based techniques with deterministic computational mechanics.



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