Mr R G Phœnix BSc BA MMath MRes

The Rick
  • PhD student (Infrastructure and Environment)

telephone: 01413306311

internal postal address:
Rankine Building, Oakfield Avenue
Glasgow G12 8LT

Research Interests

With a background in physiology, mathematics, bioinformatics, and military medicine, Rick is currently in the final year of a PhD on the metagenomics of the human microbiome, principally seeking efficient and accurate computational methods for dealing with massively-multivariate data sets on microbial abundance. He is particularly interested in applying methods from other fields, such as graph theory and transcriptomic microarray analysis.

He has self-published a book of original bagpipe compositions, and is the co-author (with Lt Col David Morgan-Jones) of the Tropical Medicine chapter of the Army's Primary Healthcare Manual for Combat Medical Technicians.


  • MRes, Bioinformatics
  • MMath, Mathematics
  • BA, Mathematical Sciences
  • BSc, Physiology & Sports Science


James Watt scholarship, 06/2010-05/2013

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Greetings. My name is Rick. I am a mammal. My interests include salsa dancing, playing bagpipes, portrait photography, left-wing American political humour, women's volleyball, being a grammar Nazi, high-performance computing, wearing shorts at inappropriate times, punching dragons in the face while wearing a tuxedo, contemplating the howling loneliness of my worthless existence, looking at amusing pictures of cats when I should be working, reminiscing about Danish pastries, and wearing at least one shoe on each foot at all times.

I teach mathematics for fun. I don't mean that mathematics is fun (although it is); I mean that inflicting psychological suffering is fun. Does this make me a bad person? Well, yes.

Long ago and far away, I was a combat medic, in which capacity I was decorated by both British and American forces for service in the Balkans. I was occasionally recognised for being a wee bit clever by squaddie standards, but that's kind of like winning a prize for being the tallest midget.

It took me five years to admit that I was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Jobs I did since leaving the army included bouncer, minibus driver, night watchman, waiter, bartender, cleaner, and pizza delivery boy. In 2010, I went from working for one sinister right-wing organisation to another.

I have a suspicion that it is no mere coincidence that I lost all my friends around the same time I got really fat. Therefore, I am currently engaged on a mission to lose weight. (Staying fat has its upsides, of course.)






ENG1034 Mathematics C1